The main reason for the creation of Backwoods cigarettes was the change in the rhythm of people’s lives. Under the new conditions, heavy smokers no longer had the opportunity to spend a lot of time, which was usually required to smoke classic cigars. There was an urgent need to find a way out of the situation. Backwoods cigarettes became a kind of compromise for those who did not want to switch to modern cigarettes, wanting to maintain the quality of smoking. The new product was a good solution to the problem. Among the well-known products of this kind, Backwoods cigarillos deserve special attention. To appreciate them, you need to learn more about this product.

Detailed description. The place where Backwoods cigarettes were first produced was the Dominican Republic. This small state on the island of Haiti in the Caribbean Sea has become the birthplace of a new product. Unlike a cigarette, the product consists entirely of tobacco. In addition, it does not have any additions in the form of filters. On the outside, the Backwoods cigarettes are usually covered with a natural tobacco leaf. This makes it look like a traditional cigar. The only difference is that inside there are not leaves, but tobacco crumbs. This combination significantly reduces the process of smoking the product, while maintaining its natural taste.

As a rule, Backwoods cigarettes are made from Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco. Before entering production, it is aged for at least a year in special conditions. This allows you to significantly improve the organoleptic and taste characteristics of the finished product. The company has a motto: “Wild and soft”. It symbolizes a combination of not quite neat appearance and delicate aroma. Such Backwoods cigarettes, having careless ragged edges, resemble an Indian self-twister. At the same time, it has a surprisingly mild taste, complemented by a range of pleasant aromas. This unique feature has become the reason for the huge popularity of Backwoods cigarettes.

Every year more and more lovers of good tobacco pay attention to Backwoods cigarettes. Reviews of those who have already made their choice, say that none of them regret the decision. First, do not forget that such products are 100 percent tobacco.