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Nicotine is one of the major concerns when it comes to using electronic cigarettes. There are products that create vapor out of the flavored liquid in their device. Such are ideal for users that are not originally tobacco users. Nonetheless, a high percentage of electronic cigarette users comprise of tobacco smokers looking for a leeway from their smoking habit. Thus, they need their e liquids to be laced with nicotine. Without electronic cigarette nicotine levels, these addicted smokers would probably not consider trying out the device as smoking substitute.

Different Reactions To Nicotine

Nicotine has varying reactions to different users. Strength of electronic cigarette nicotine level is measured by the milligram of nicotine in one milliliter solution. Those who smoke heavily would not like high amounts of this alkaloid whole users who smoke lightly would prefer higher amounts of the substance. It would depend also on how their cravings could be satisfied as per their smoking habits. If you are a novice vaper, you could try various electronic cigarette levels so that you could find one that meets your preference. However, you can use the details below for your guide.

  • Non nicotine or 0 mg/ml This is ideal for users of the products who simply want to enjoy vaping without nicotine effects.
  • Low Density or 4 6 mg/ml This is for users who are used to ultra light types of cigarettes with consumption of half pack in one day. Five mg/ml is ideal for people who use ultra light kinds of cigarettes, but consume one half or more pack in a day.
  • Medium Density or 11 12 mg/ml It is also for those ultralight cigarette users and consume below one pack a day. It is also for those who normally use half a pack of light or medium strength cigarettes in one day.
  • High Density or 18 mg/ml This is for those who consume more than a half pack of regular cigarettes in one day.
  • XHigh Density or 24 mg/ml This is for people who consume up to 1.5 pack of strong cigarettes per day.
  • XXHigh Density or 36 mg/ml If you consume numerous packs of very strong cigarettes in a day, this is your recommended nicotine strength.
  • XXXHigh Density or 48 mg/ml This is your nicotine strength if you heavily smoke or use super strong cigarettes.

Understand Nicotine Content Of Your Cigarette Brand

Another consideration when choosing appropriate electronic cigarette nicotine levels is the amount of this alkaloid present in your favored cigarette brand. Not all electronic cigarettes are the same, just as not all tobacco cigarettes are the same. Typically, a cigarette contains about 0.6 up to 3% of tobacco’s dry weight. Comparing two cigarettes, a 100 ml piece would contain more nicotine that the standard 84 ml one. Below is a comparison of nicotine amounts in your cigarettes sticks, according to the type of cigarette product.

  • Regular Cigarettes (Marlboro Red, for example) has roughly 1.2 mg nicotine per piece or stick. One pack can give you a total of 24 mg nicotine if you consume all of the 20 sticks.
  • Light Cigarettes (Marlboro Light, for example) has 0.7 mg nicotine per stick. Consuming all 20 cigarettes in a pack will give 14 mg nicotine.
  • Ultra Light Cigarettes (Marlboro Ultra Light, for example) has 0.5 mg nicotine. One pack of 20 cigarettes will yield a total of 10 mg of the alkaloid.

Below is also a reference that you can use when you want to choose Electronic Cigarette levels according to the amount of nicotine in your brand of cigarette. The figures are according to the study performed by the FDA on different 1206 varieties or brands of local cigarettes in the US from 1994 to 1997.

  • Marlboro Light has 0.8 mg, Regular has 1.2 mg in one cigarette
  • Lucky Strike Regular has 1.6 mg per stick
  • Newport Light has 0.7 mg, Regular has 1.2 mg per stick
  • Camel Light has 0.9, Regular has 1.4 mg, Wide has 1.2 mg per stick
  • Capri Super Slim has 0.8 mg per stick
  • Chesterfield Full Flavor has 1.5 mg per stick
  • Parliament Light has 0.7 mg per stick
  • Salem Light has 0.9 mg, Regular has 1.2 mg per stick
  • Basic Light has 0.7 mg, Regular has 1.0 mg per stick
  • Kool Regular has 1.1 mg per stick
  • Paul Maul Regular has 1.7 mg per stick
  • Virginia Slims has 1.1 mg per stick
  • Winston Regular has 1.2 mg per stick.

Know The Electronic Cigarette Levels In Your E Liquid

This is very important when you need to refill your cartridges or when you are buying your replacement cartridge. Be sure you are aware of the amount of the addictive substance in your product one milliliter or ml of liquid has about 20 drops. You must know how to calculate how much nicotine you can get from your refills. If your liquid has 24 mg nicotine, one drop can give you 1.2 mg nicotine (24 mg with 20 liquid drops). Thus, placing three drops of e liquid in a cartridge or directly on an atomizer will mean that you are consuming 3.6 of the substance as you vape.

Absorption Of Nicotine

Aside from of electronic cigarette nicotine levels per amount of liquid, the effects of nicotine as your body absorbs it is also dependent on other factors. These would include the density of the alkaloid in the liquid solution, the quantity of vapor produced, how often you vape, the time you vape and also inhaling respiration during smoking.

You must understand that not all electronic cigarette nicotine levels will end up in the body or absorbed by it. Suppose your one ml liquid has 24 mg nicotine, not all of these will be absorbed, but only 40 65% only, as per your vaping habit.

Understand Properties Of Nicotine

Nicotine is a subject of many debates. It may be very addictive, but it is not established by any research as a carcinogenic substance. Nicotine is linked with the feeling good. For some smokers, the dose of nicotine they receive from cigarettes help them overcome stress. With the good feeling that nicotine delivers, they become addictive to the positive effects this alkaloid can bring. Nonetheless, you just know that if you are sensitive to nicotine, if you are pregnant or nursing a child or if your heart condition is unstable, you need to first consult with your doctor regarding your plan to use e liquids with nicotine. This is one reason why many health organizations are probably pursuing strict regulations of electronic cigarettes to protect the consumer from the adverse effects of the substance.

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