Marlboro simply the best tobacco product in the world.

Marlboro brand needs no introduction or advertisement. It has been the best selling cigarette brand across the world for almost 40 years, and one of the most popular trademarks among all products, along with Coca Cola and Microsoft. Its leadership position is so indisputable that tobacco industry experts doubt any brand is able to at least get closer to it in the nearest future. According to annual sale volumes, Marlboro cigarette sales are exceed sales of next three rivals combined.

Marlboro cigarettes hit the stores’ shelves in the Unites States back in 1902. Initially, the brand was intended for female smokers. But after it’s re launch in the 1940’s the focus of attention was shifted to male smokers. And the latter strategy worked successfully.

Though Marlboro brand has been always excessively advertised, it is the inimitable quality that made Marlboro win the hearts of millions of smokers around the world. There are many outstanding cigarette brands, world known for their superior quality, but none of those brands can be compared to Marlboro. It is simply the best smoking product of all time.

Smokers stay loyal to Marlboro cigs for decades because of the inimitable taste and unmatched quality they offer. These cigarettes have never left any adult cigarette lover indifferent with the feeling of freedom strength and self confidence Marlboros give from the very first puff.

In our online discount cigarette store Marlboro cigarettes are available in three classic and three innovative styles. Marlboro Red, Marlboro Gold (former Lights) and Marlboro Silver (Ultra Lights) will be the best choice for those smokers who prefer classic smokes, while Marlboro Filter Plus and Marlboro Filter Plus extra will suit the demands of those who are willing to go in touch with the most advanced technologies in cigarette industry.

Moreover, recently Philip Morris International, the maker of Marlboros delighted female smokers by launching a delicate ultra slim version landmark brand, Marlboro Gold Edge. These superb smokes offer a refined taste and a subtle frame.

is proud to offer its customers legendary Marlboro cigarettes at a reduced price and with an absolutely free shipping. Marlboro become a part of the legend.

Marlboro commercials compilation : free download & streaming : internet archive

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Reviewer guyburns August 31, 2013
Subject Wide variety of ads based on the classic Marlboro Country theme
In this 56 minute collection there is much repetition of the basic theme the Marlboro Man in Marlboro country. About 60 ads in total, ranging from 10 seconds to 60 seconds. These ads are for men. The one lone woman appears at 33.15.

The theme music was so popular there is even an ad to buy the music (4.00).

Ads include those for Marlboro Reds, Menthol and 100s (Longhorns). A few segue to the Filter, Flavour, Pack or Box jingle (6.00, 10.20, 12.15, 13.00, 15.20, 20.20, 27.00). Apart from the horses in the west scenario, there are snow scenes with helicopters (when horses can t get in because of snow, 14.10), a quarter horse race in Texas (19.10), fly fishing (20.20), Emmy Award ads with United Airlines (30.40), Frederick Remington Prints for sale (45.20), an ad aimed at the African American demographic (47.10), and a Merry Christmas ad from Marlboro (22.30).

The definitive Marlboro ad featuring the Marlboro Man, horses, and that wonderful theme music, is at 23.13. Other notable ads are at 0.12, 5.03, 8.36, 9.41, 20.18, 22.16, 32.10, 33.15, 42.29, 47.11, 52.19, 52.36, 55.05.

I’ve worked my way through several hundred cigarette ads and I have to say that if I was to choose the highpoint of all cigarette ads it would be the one at 23.13. However, as a collection I still think this one is bested by the Alpine ads from the late 1950s. See

Reviewer dan jhonny valentine September 24, 2009
Subject Smoking IS like True Love
I start smoking when i was 16 or so,I start smoking from was smoking,and i love it,the way she light that cigarette,the way she use to beat the cigarette on the finger,and use to lick it so it will last longer, I was in love..
Smoking was going to be our little thing,I knew i Wasn’t going to see her again,but after that We still have to had our little thing,every time i light a cigarette I knew She was out there that was going to bond us for She left,i moved to Marlboro,sign i was prepared for better,bigger and stronger things. When i was in the army,i quit smoking for the first time,the place and the people we’re so hostile,and i associte smoking with good music,people i cigarettes you Marlboro.


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