Sovereign cigarettes were first introduced to the market in the mid-1970s by the tobacco company Gallaher Ltd. The main difference of the brand in Sovereign was the blend mix, that is, the cigarettes contained only Virginia, or rather a mixture of its different varieties.

Around 2003, the Sovereign cigarettes brand was redesigned and Sovereign began to produce more in the super slims format. The package design changed, the pack became white, and the “strength” was indicated by a colored vertical stripe across the entire pack. The names of the varieties were also changed – Mentol, Premium and Lights disappeared. They were replaced by Special Lights, Super Lights and Ultra Lights.

The Sovereign cigarettes pack is made of thick cardboard, bright red. The central composition is occupied by a symbolic image of a golden sovereign.

The pack contains twenty king size cigarettes with a conventional acetate filter, wrapped in foil paper. The design of the cigarettes is simple – “cork” filter paper and the brand name “in red”. The “king size” inscription seems to be an anachronism, but initially the “red” Sovereign variety was designated exactly as “King Size” and only later as “Full Flavor”.

The smoke taste is really similar to the Virginia blend, it is dry, with moderate sweetness, does not “eat” slimy, and at the same time is quite soft. These are very peculiar cigarettes, especially in view of modern realities.

There are 3 types of tobacco for the production of Sovereign cigarettes: Virginia tobacco. The advantage is the simultaneous ripening of the tobacco leaf and the absence of stepchildren – lateral shoots. It is famous for its high sugar content and low resin content. It has a fruity and spicy delicate aroma. Has a high burning temperature, which is inconvenient for the smoker. Burley tobacco. Opposite to Virginia. It features low sugar content and a high tar capacity. The taste depends on the color. Burleigh White has cocoa-nutty nuances. Oriental tobacco. A special feature in the drying process is performed under the rays of the sun. Differs in spicy sweetish taste.

Sovereign cigarettes include 3 types: Classic, made in red, Lightweight, represented by a blue tutu, Green menthol.