IQOS cigarettes are a relatively new trend, but they are very popular with Canadian consumers.

The packaging design has become a counterpart to the purchase of devices and sticks for IQOS cigarettes, which makes it easier to buy IQOS cigarettes online. Concise, without meaningless components and plans. We would even say that it is unremarkable (remember the Marlboro sticks), although the letters are currently decorated.

Also in the channel on the stick interlayer gel, which cools the smoke during the smoking time. It is immediately in a gel-like state, but is sintered by the temperature during the smoking time.

Another curiosity of the IQOS cigarette structures is a thin film layer between paper and tobacco leaf. Glycerin does not flow through and the heating in the bar takes longer. This does not affect the quality, but the stick itself is very dark after use.

Another feature of buying IQOS cigarettes is an exceptional device in which nicotine recovery is not done by tobacco consumption, but by heating to a certain temperature. In this sense, exceptional “cigarettes” were developed under the Heets logo for use in IQOS cigarettes.

IQOS cigarettes are now the third item in the “Tobacco Stick” line (this assignment is on the package) for IQOS. The forms were previously issued to Parliament and Marlboro. New “cigarettes” are diverse bundling plans, inner structures, fragrances and flavors.

An updated channel was found to get the Heets sticks for IQOS online. It doesn’t have an air pocket, but it has a layer of gel that prevents hot smoke from entering the smoker’s trajectories. During the smoking time influenced by the temperature, the substance from the gel-like state is strongly wound up (sintered). Another advance is a two-layer tobacco packaging: under the outer layer of paper there is a delicate film. It’s about a warm blanket that maintains the temperature of the warming. Heated glycerin does not leak and the paper layer does not get wet.

We accept that you are immediately enthusiastic about these highlights and that you may want to buy IQOS cigarettes. Welcome to our online shop to buy IQOS cigarettes.