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Politicians fear e-cigarettes threaten tax revenue, call for restrictions

Nicotine level in e cigarettes

Nicotine e liquids are also available in different nicotine strengths, meaning ex smokers can gradually reduce their nicotine use. Some chronic smokers who previously found it almost impossible to quit tobacco have even managed to cut down to zero nicotine e liquids (sometimes known as E juice) with just an occasional change to a higher strength. Others prefer to cut back gradually on nicotine levels using e liquids and then settle at around the same nicotine intake using e liquids.

The strength of any nicotine e liquid refill is measured in milligrams (mg), but only a small percentage of the strength will comprise of nicotine and the remainder of the e liquid will comprise the diluent and flavouring. Therefore, if the nicotine strength of the cartomizer is 10mg there will be around 1mg of nicotine in the e liquid refill. The calculations are based on the number of milligrams or millilitres (ml) of nicotine per litre in e liquids, so only in a litre of e liquid would there be 10mg/ml of nicotine. This may take a little getting used to if you are not a natural mathematician, but a medium strength nicotine refill is around 18mg/ml and the highest level of nicotine in an e liquid refill is currently 36mg/ml.

E liquid are reported to be completely safe to use around friends and family and is also legal in most public places, so you can enjoy nicotine without offending nonsmokers or breaking the law in public places when you “light up” your electronic cigarette, regardless of the strength of nicotine e liquid used. Save money on smoking with Magnifecig e liquids. The cost of premier brand cigarettes has spiralled upwards every year and another advantage to switching to Magnifecig electronic cigarettes is the cost. Magnifecig e liquid cartomizers can be as cheap as f9.95 for a pack of 5 and this is the approx equivalent of 200 cigarettes, so you can continue to enjoy nicotine just as you did when smoking tobacco, and save money at the same time. When you place an order for any Magnifecig product you will also accrue Reward Points from your very first order, with each Reward Point worth ten pence to spend whenever you like. Accrue 50 Magnifecig Reward Points and will reduce your next order by f5. How often do profit hungry tobacco companies offer you a free box of cigarettes for your loyal custom?

Magnifecig s trio Starter Kit for those new to e cigarettes comes with three flavours of cartomizers to try for under f20 and a pack of five replacement Magnifecig cartomizers can costs just f9.95. Once you have made the switch from tobacco to Magnifecig s e cigarettes and e liquids, enjoying nicotine will not only become healthier, but you will feel the financial benefits in your pocket too. Magnifecig also stocks a wide range of cartomizers, atomizers and clearomizers for your electronic cigarette so when you need any spares you know where to come.

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