more_menthol_soft.gifAfter this brand was released in 1975 for the first time by the American R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, More cigarettes at first had a hard target gathering of spectators and their customers were both men and women.

Regardless this fact, the maker had later chosen to exclusively offer its products toward ladies, and the More brand was pushed into the market as the female cigarettes as it was really.

These days, More cigarettes are created in various countries, for instance, Switzerland, the USA, Germany, Greece, England, Malaysia, Thailand, Romania, Australia. These cigarettes count an unfathomable number of fans all through the whole world.

The bundles of these cigarettes are not totally like each other and are fundamentally created from the chestnut tissue paper. It is notable that women, who smoke More cigarettes, stick to an amazing style and way of behavior, which are attractable for the male piece of the human culture.

In reality, even now, people are perceived by their smart appearance. Concerning such individual slants, the More cigarettes are sold in standard assortments and are upgraded with the menthol filling.

For the creation of these cigarettes, the most extraordinary progressions and the most hoisted quality tobacco varieties are utilized. Along these lines, the cigarettes of the More brand are named as exclusive ones.

At this moment, More cigarettes are appropriated the world over. Nowadays, More cigarettes are manufactured in Switzerland, the USA, Germany, Greece, England, Malaysia, Thailand, Romania, Australia.

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