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Traders urge tight watch over maker of cheap cigarettes

Footprints, cigarettes lead to pinckney theft suspect’s arrest
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  • Meredith Pacheco

    Mr. Barrientos said they will address the allegations at the appropriate time&#8230 makes one wonder what kind of BS explanations they’re trying to cook up right at this very moment. Hopefully this task force in charge of the investigation is fair, honest and impartial, and if this investigation proves all the allegations against Mighty are true, hopefully the company is penalized accordingly and not allowed to get off easily.

  • Benedict Cordero

    Pacquiao immediately got his assets frozen because of his alleged tax evasion&#8230 The government can do better than suspend Mighty’s warehouse and monitor their activities. The company should face graver consequences for defrauding the country and be taught some serious lessons.

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