Zino Davidoff – his name became the name of the famous Davidoff trademark. A talented businessman, he became famous for being able to turn the goods he sold into a symbol of respectability and luxury. Zino Davidoff, who was called the cigar king, claimed that the ability to enjoy a cigar is the ability to live.

Initially, the “birthplace” of the famous trademark Davidoff is considered to be Switzerland, but in fact its founder was born on March 11, 1906 in Novgorod-Siversky near Kiev in the family of Rachel and Hillel Davidoff. The boy was given the name of Zussele-Meer, but later they became known as Zinoviy, and then Zino’s name, under which he remembered by in the story.

The boy’s father was just a tobacco trader, but he dreamed of making a famous musician out of a boy. For this, there were brought up the feelings of beauty and love of music in small Zino since childhood. In 1911, the Davidoff family moved from Kiev to Switzerland and opened a small tobacco shop in Geneva.

As a teenager, Zino began to take an interest in the tobacco business, and in 1926, after graduating from college, went to the New World to thoroughly study the process of production of cigars. The only South African country in which Zino could enter with his refugee passport was Argentina.

In 1946 there appeared the famous branded cigar line Davidoff, named after the wines of France: Chateau Latour, Chateau Lafite, Chateau Margot, Davidoff House Perignon and others. Davidoff bets on expensive luxury products and did not go wrong.

His cigarettes – Davidoff cigarettes, manufactured in Cuba, were the best in Europe, and the high cost served as a confirmation. Cigarettes from the firm Davidoff became a sign of belonging to a higher society, the entrance to which for most people was unavailable. About Zino Davidoff began to speak not only in a conservative Europe, but also in America an avid for all the newfangled things.

In 1969, Davidoff joined the capital with his friend Ernst Schneider and the company entered a new stage of development. Her motto – “In life, everyone should be satisfied with the best”, was close in spirit to Elean Hennessy, a representative of the famous cognac family. And he caught fire to create a special cognac, which would be perfectly combined with an excellent cigarette.

So there saw the light two elite drinks – Davidoff Selection Classic and Davidoff Selection Extra. Zino so valued the good name of his firm that when complaints began to complain about the poor quality of Cuban cigars, he ordered to burn the whole lot of 200 thousand pieces, closed the factory in Cuba and opened a new production in the Dominican Republic.