In 2000, the British Gallaher Group acquired Liggett Ducat. It invested an additional $87.1 million and $394.3 million in technical equipment. The company purchased the latest modern equipment and installed a production environment system. These investments enabled the company to produce high value LD cigarettes.

In 2007, the Galahar Group, together with Liggett Ducat, was acquired by Japan Tobacco, the world’s third largest tobacco products manufacturer. This largest transaction allowed the company to expand its market and market its products in 25 countries (Europe, Africa, and Asia). The company managed to increase its market share of tobacco products to 34.9%.

The goal of the British designer was to offer buyers the highest quality LD cigarettes with a new image. Prices remained the same and remained affordable for all buyers.

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What are LD cigarettes?

LD maintains the highest quality products without changing its tradition of making them accessible to the common man. Any tobacco connoisseur will enjoy the flavors of the different series of LD tobacco products (with and without buttons). These products include flavors such as berry, mint, peach, melon, banana, lime, and lemon. These are just a few of the total flavors of LD cigarettes. The basic series are all oversized, with a standard length of 83 mm and a thickness of 7.8 mm. They are made from a blend of Virginia, Burley, and Oriental. All companies that manufacture tobacco products produce products for women. 99 mm long, 5.4 mm thick. 0.5 mg nicotine, 5 mg tar. This is a purple design of Ld cigarettes.