Rothmans cigarettesIn 1890, Englishman Louis Rothman established his own tobacco company. Later, Rothmans International was founded after a series of mergers, which became the fourth-largest tobacco company in the world and held a leading position in the European market.

In 1999, there was a merger of Rothmans International and British American Tobacco – the fourth and the second-largest tobacco companies, respectively. Since then, the composition of the brands of “British American Tobacco” joined the brand owned by “Rothmans International.

One can argue about the tastes and preferences, but it is impossible to question the fact that the experts of the company, which for over a century was a leader in the industry, know their business.

Products of British American Tobacco Group as a whole always represent a quality product. Rothmans trademark in particular is a quality product and cheap as possible.

The golden mean, the perfect combination of money and price these are the nuances how you can describe a policy that embodies Rothmans cigarettes in the tobacco market.

Not so long ago, this brand was placed in the higher price segment. But obviously the company’s management decided to change the direction of brand’s progress, and focus more on first class quality at a reasonable cost. The ability to buy products of eminent company at a nice price should be great news for most smokers.

The varieties are simply to navigate:

Rothmans Blue;
Rothmans Silver;
Rothmans Superslims Blue;
Rothmans Superslims Silver;
Rothmans Nanokings;
Rothmans Demi Blue;
Rothmans Demi Silver.

As you can see, even then the manufacturers of Rothmans cigarettes decided to follow their own way and did not start to use the gradation of red, blue, gray, as do the majority of manufacturers. Even in this respect, Rothmans cigarettes are different.
Tar content

Rothmans Blue 6 mg;
Rothmans Silver 4 mg;
Rothmans Superslims Blue 5 mg;
Rothmans Superslims Silver 3 mg;
Rothmans Nanokings 6 mg;
Rothmans Demi Blue 6 mg;
Rothmans Demi Silver 4 mg.

Nicotine content

Rothmans Blue 0,5 mg;
Rothmans Silver 0,3 mg;
Rothmans Superslims Blue 0,6 mg;
Rothmans Superslims Silver 0,4 mg;
Rothmans Nanokings 0,5 mg;
Rothmans Demi Blue 0,5 mg;
Rothmans Demi Silver 0,4 mg.

Retail prices for a pack range lately. There may be a question whether one should be cautious in case of forgery in connection with the popularity of the brand. It is difficult to give a definite answer. In any case, your best guarantee is a certified supplier.