Cigarettes. Huge selection of branded cigarettes as well as inexpensive filter cigarettes Is it allowed to buy cigarettes online? Yes, it is allowed.

To buy cigarettes online is therefore an easy and safe thing for you. However, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone before you buy cigarettes online.

In advance, we will tell some interesting things about cigarette manufacturing. It can be interesting to know when you buy cigarettes online.

How is an industrially manufactured cigarette made?

A normal cigarette is manufactured in various processing stages. First, the raw tobacco is refined. Here the ribs of the tobacco leaves are removed.

The fewer tobacco stems there are in cigarettes, the less harmful smoke is produced. Thick solids produce more noxious smoke. It is therefore also in the interests of the manufacturer to use the best possible tobacco. After all, the smoker shouldn’t consume a “waste product”.

The tobacco leaves are usually processed in a mixture. The American Blend Mixture made from subtle Virginia, sweet Burley and spicy oriental tobacco is very popular. The aroma, the condensate and the nicotine content change depending on the tobacco used.

These mixtures are then transported to the production machines via pipelines. This encloses the tobacco mixture. With the help of cutting machines, this long tobacco rod is cut into short pieces.

Finally, a product is obtained that you get when you buy cigarettes online.

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