You habitually purchase cheap cigarettes online and consume them, but do you really know good smoking manners? Smoking is a ritual, did you know that?
Right smokers do not just inhale cigarette fumes; they do it in specific manners that you have to be aware of, having decided to become a smoker.

What does smoking start with? Or, in other words, what attracts the smokers first? Of course, cigarette packs. The smoking ritual begins from the moment when smokers buy cigarettes and open their packs. Cigarette packs must be attractive to call attention of smokers, but they also show the cigarette type. Make sure that you will select the cigarettes that you need. So, read carefully which cigarette type is shown on packs.

The second step is to know how you must hold cigarettes. No matter whether you pull cigarettes out of packs with your fingers or your mouth, you’ll inevitably be holding the cigarette. Every smoker has a unique style of holding cigarettes, but smoking experts have identified some usual manners. By using this research, we can divide smokers into several groups by manner to hold cigarettes.

Well, decide yourselves, which group you will prefer after you purchase cheap cigarettes online UK and open packs:
1. Smokers who hold cigarettes between the first and second fingers (or, in other words, between the thumb and forefinger). This gentle manner is common for ladies. At least, it was so at the past time as we can see in old movies.
2. The second manner is similar to the first one, but cigarettes are held between the forefinger and middle finger. A palm is directed toward a smoker’s face.
3. A cigarette is held between the thumb and forefinger, a palm is directed toward the outside.
4. A cigarette is held between the thumb and forefinger, a palm is directed inward and can be moved upward.
5. A cigarette is held between the thumb and forefinger, the lit cigarette end is directed toward the wrist.