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Any smoker should always think about and use only high-quality cigarettes in his life! Let’s talk about Benson & Hedges cigarettes. The creators use the weaving format in cigarettes – this is one of the favorite formats for many sophisticated consumers in this area. And every user – a person who smokes – only needs tobacco with a good strength; they need strong cigarettes, because regular cigarettes cannot get enough of it. And here everything is thought out for each person. And the design of the pack fascinates with its attractiveness, versatility and quality. You will see everything for yourself!

The composition of the cigarettes exceeds all expectations; the tobacco is not too dry. They will become your ideal everyday Benson & Hedges cigarettes!

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What are Benson & Hedges cigarettes?

This brand of cigarettes is part of British American Tobacco, Altria and Japan Tobacco. The trademark was discovered by people in 1873. Then, after some time, the heir replaced his father in business in 1885. And we see the triumphant march of cigarettes in 1900 through the markets of the USA and Canada. These products have always attracted attention with their nobility of taste and aroma, since the American component of leading American tobaccos has turned it into perfection, and it only becomes better in quality every day. True quality does not fade, it is eternal, unchangeable. And not every brand can boast of this, that’s a fact!