r1_slims_en_nbMild flavor will keep you satisfied and make you want more.

Not all smokers like too harsh cigarettes. Some like them with delicate flavor, with only a charming clue of the aroma rather than its all out quality. All things considered, luckily, there are a lot of choices for these “light smokers” and some of them are even very shoddy.

R1 cigarettes represent the sphere of such light cigarettes. At the present moment, R1 cigarettes are a noteworthy brand in Germany and are rapidly getting to be plainly well known in other tobacco markets, for example, the Ukraine, Russia, Poland and Greece. R1 cigarettes additionally have a light value, making them significantly better known among the individuals who incline toward light cigarettes. You can buy R1 cigarettes here on the site.

R1 is one of the most established and in addition popular cigarette brands of the world. It is made by the organization called Reemtsma, which is well known through mainstream and wonderful brands like West, Peter Stuyvesant and Davidoff. R1 Cigarettes and their tobacco are world renowned.

Reemtsma is one of the greatest Tobacco organizations of the world and is additionally an auxiliary of the Imperial Tobacco. It was at first shaped in Erfurt, Germany in the year 1923; the generation was moved to Altona, by and by, the piece of Hamburg. Reemtsma’s central office is as yet situated there.

R1 cigarettes for the most part have fine flavor and superb fine tobacco with exquisite decorating design. This would be the most prominent name among smokers, and is obviously an image of pride, style, sovereignty, and extravagance.

One can get R1 cigarettes online without any difficulty. Various versions are created according to the European Standards.

Amid the hard times of National Socialists, however the arrangements of Nazis existed, the organization thrived, and afterward the development backed off. The organization came back to its previous transcendence after the Nazi time frame. Notwithstanding, in 2002, it was obtained by the Imperial Tobacco Group.

It is a fact that R1 Cigarettes are a standout amongst the most looked for after cigarettes on the planet; the brand prospered and saw an incredible blast in its deals inside a brief timeframe.

The company has countless clients to bolster their business and now R1 cigarettes have been transformed into an image of status among the general public of great smokers, along these lines placing the name of the brand on a further level. It has turned into a symbol of smoking and satisfaction among cigarette smokers over the world.