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Dogs registering to vote. Hanging chads. Baffling butterfly ballots. It wouldn’t be a real election without a bit of controversy, would it?

We discovered that truism during a Cheap cigarettes, Discount cigarettes, buy cigarettes online Premium tobacco brands at cigarettes online store recent online poll, one in which we asked readers to choose their favorite local advertising icon. The idea spun off of a larger contest a promotion for Advertising Week in New York City that asked voters nationwide to pick the top all time advertising icon. The winner of that Internet poll?

The M&M candy characters. The “melt in your mouth Discount cigarettes online cigarettes online store, provide discount cigarettes. Free delivery not in hour hand” crew garnered the largest number of the approximately 600,000 votes cast. Rounding out the top five, in order, were the AFLAC duck, Mr. Peanut, the Pillsbury Doughboy and Tony the Tiger. The Energizer Bunny, whose main hutch can be found here in St. Louis, didn’t keep enough of a charge to make the final cut.

As for our localized poll, we offered a few suggestions to readers, then provided an opportunity for write in votes. On our short list, with no rational reasoning behind it The Dirt Cheap Chicken, The Imo’s Guy, Discount cheap cigarettes sales cheap and high quality duty free discount cigarettes online Mr. Outside, The Shop ‘n Save Bag and Mr. Happy Crack.

The write ins were few, with the Mayrose Meat Man receiving the bulk of the nostalgia vote. But the clear favorites soon shook out to be the Dirt Cheap Chicken Cheap cigarettes cigarettes online store, provides cheapest, fresh, discount, tax free cigarettes. (Dirt Cheap Cigarettes, Beer and Liquor) and Mr. Happy Crack (The Crack Team foundation repair). The two icon race was neck and neck, with the Chicken usually maintaining a slight lead.

Then came our Florida moment. In a period of 24 hours during the polling, the number of total votes rose from some 2,500 (accumulated over a week’s time) to more than 9,000. In the process, Mr. Happy Crack lapped the Chicken and assumed the front runner position.

Truth be told, we’re not quite sure how to account for the suspicious surge. Buy Cigarettes online online store discount and tax free cigarettes A strong and sudden word of crack campaign? An overzealous voter with a knack for a hack? What we do know is that the Dirt Cheap Chicken would likely cry “fowl” at the results, letting out a cry of “Cheat! Cheat! No fun! No fun!”

And we do know this precedent has been set. The Supreme Court itself should probably get involved. Until then, we’ll declare a tie and pay homage to our pair of fissured and feathered winners.

But if it turns out that a Cocker Spaniel rigged the voting, then off to Washington we go.

IRELAND’S anti smoking campaign is starting to bite, Gallaher, maker of Benson & Hedges and Mayfair cigarettes, revealed today.

It said that following duty increases in the Republic and Cheap cigarettes cigarettes online store, offers discount cigarettes. Free delivery the all out ban on smoking in pubs, bars and restaurants that came into force in March, sales of its cigarettes there had fallen by 9.3% in the first five months of the year.

Gallaher said ‘It is too early to assess the extent to which this reduction is due to short term changes in trade buying patterns or to longer term changes in consumption.’

A series of duty increases was already changing the trade Cheap cigarettes, cheap smokes sales fresh, cheap and high quality tax free discount cigarettes online ! with a virtual end to people from Northern Ireland buying cigarettes cheaper in the South, more Southerners importing cheap cigarettes from other EU countries and a major destocking ahead of the smoking ban as such things as vending machines in pubs became virtually redundant.

Duty increases in Austria, France and Cheap cigarettes discount cigarettes online store, provide cheap cigarettes. Free shipping Germany have had an even greater impact on cigarette sales on the continent, but Gallaher said it had performed ‘relatively well’ defending its market share.

In May, the worst hit month, Austrian volumes fell by 13%, French ones by 31% and German by 20%.

In the UK, volumes improved slightly with a marked reduction in cross Channel Cheap cigarettes discount cigarettes online store. trade leading to volumes down 1% over the five months.

Gallaher today put up UK prices between 6p and 8p a packet. Its shares fell 16p to 685 1/2p, with rival Imperial down 19p at 1220p.

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