Inhaling sends nicotine into the lungs. When you exhale a small smoke like vapor cloud is produced, this is a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, water and flavorings, safe ingredient that are also used as food additives.

Since the E cigarette have not yet been around for decades (though this vaper has a solid 5 years now, how’s that!), as such the long term effects of ‘vaping’ are yet to be fully Determined. We add to our e cigarette studies and reports area as new releases emerge as they have rapidly have been (everyone except the FDA seems to have noticed).

Smoking tobacco on the other hand has been proven to be extremely harmful to your health.

Where to buy and which brand are a few of the options you will come across.

Check out our website, and our Email newsletter for more in depth insight into the different brands, models and types of E cigarettes. Most Users look for portability in cases where the user travels frequently, others look for a stronger, fuller flavor. Everybody is different, and the E cigarette strives to appease all the different tastes out there.

We are here to help you find the best E cigarette for you, however much experience you have (or don’t&#8230 yet).

There are a few questions you should ask yourself (ask us too, don’t be shy!) before making an e cigarette purchase, for Example, heavy smokers and smokers that are used to a more potent tobacco brand will want to make sure that the brand they purchase offers a much higher nicotine percentage refill cartridge, especially during the first phase of the switch.

We at Electronic cigarette Brands review do our best to break down and explain all the differences and benefits of different brands, so that you don t waste your money on outdated, poor performing models. We update our reviews constantly, so you have the latest and most in depth reviews and information for all your electronic cigarette purchases. We also have detailed comparison charts on the different brands available and different user preferences. We offer our readers, detailed, well written information. Please check back periodically for more up to date data.

What we provide is expert advice based on years of hands on experience with Miss E cig!

Tobacco smoking, like fate is a cruel mistress, but unlike fate tobacco has met her match in Miss E cigarette. With her bodacious flavors, her attractive scent and her less threatening ingredients, Miss E cig is the new girl on the block that has Tobacco feeling insecure. She isn t a gold digger that leaves you broke and smelling of cheap, unattractive perfume (smoke) like tobacco does. Switch today and start receiving all the benefits of breaking up with an abusive, harmful, unappreciative mistress. With our insight and our expert relationship advice, you won t even have to give tobacco that last kiss goodbye you might be craving.

An E cigarette starter kit is the best way to start you off in this new relationship with the personal vaporizer. It provides everything you needed in one inexpensive bundle. The only negative in making a bundled purchase is the off chance that you might buy the wrong one, but don t fret, that is what we are here for. Since this will be the only large upfront purchase you will have to make, please do some research? After the first purchase E cig user also enjoy large savings which are typically at least 50% off.

Its time you gave up tobacco and start enjoying the amazing benefits that come with giving up smoking and switching to vaping. It can be a great and exciting experience with the right information and advice. Avoid the disappointment and the wasted money that come with jumping into a new thing head first without doing some research. Explore, discover and get engaged in this new world of the e cig.

We recommend users buy a proper rechargeable E cigarette Kit before going to far (or not far enough!)

Many starter kits include batteries, atomizers, cartridges, or atomizer cartridge combinations known as cartomizers / or increasingly clearomizers an e cig tanks.

E Cig Life span for units overall, e cigarette battery longevity and “E cig Liquid” capacity vary by model and in general it makes most sense to select the model or size that fits your needs and then compare apples with apples. Most Vapers will elect for starting with a ‘mini rechargeable e cigarette kit’ or ‘disposable e cigarette’ and while disposables have their place, they don’t substitute for the range and overall satisfaction an up to date rechargeable smokeless cigarette does.

If you have already tried disposables and are looking for more that is great and is just what we are here for! But if you are feeling a tad disappointed after just such a dabbling into smoke free cigarette options don’t despair!

, 2014

The trend will likely continue towards broader and broader availability of cheap, brand name electronic cigarettes that are either entirely or mostly disposable one use units and this is NOT really a good thing for vaping from a broad perspective even if it does help ensure ecigs are available in the short term.

As you may have guessed disposable ecigs are a model promising big earnings for the companies with the deepest pockets. Yes I am refering to electronic cig’s uneasy bedfellow Mr. Big Tobacco (once sworn enemy now reluctant savior!). Big tobacco companies are behind this direction for the same reasons one might suppose it plays to their strangth, namely an existing distribution chain through retail channels, convenience stores etc. where tobacco products currently sell and top tier ecig brand names

On the whole the industry has come a remarkable distance in a few short years while the few brands like V2 Cigs and Smokeless Image VOLT hit the right balance

We recommend users buy the disposable E cigarette when making their purchases in a gas station. This is because the models offered and most gas stations may have parts that are hard to replaces. Keep in mind most gas/convenience and most physical stores mark up prices on the very few options/models they offer. If possible always try to make your purchase online from the brand itself.

You have chosen an E cig that fits your personal preferences and has gone through an honest, unbiased and thorough review. If it has also received high ratings, and positive reviews, then you are ready to make your purchase. We put significant effort and time into our reviews (based on James 4 years of experience with the different brand and models of Electronic cigarettes) so you receive the best and most relevant information out there.

As we expand and grow this website, we will be launching some amazing and exciting giveaways (e cig kits, gift certificates and premium e liquid) for our more experienced users. We want you to share your testimonials, your unbiased and unfiltered reviews.

We will add user reviews on our website right next to our expert review so you have the option of side to side analysis.

In life we strive to make good choices!

In life we strive to make good choices. In order to do this, we look at the different options provided and we choose the one that is fit for our different tastes and needs. E cigs are no different. We encourage you to properly read through E cig brand reviews research and reviews.

We provide clear examples of the benefits and draw backs that different brands have to offer and how they pertain to your lifestyle. For example the best kit for the traveling man or woman in search of portability is very different from the kit that the higher nicotine content user would want to purchase. This is the type of useful, detailed information we provide to help our readers make the right decision about all their E cigarette needs.

Our recommendations on the different brands available are based on the knowledge that E Cigarette models offered from different brands
we recommend have been designed based on some shared specifications, making them partially or completely compatible with each other.

This means it is possible to buy your main electronic cigarette kit and some add ons from the same merchant, which also gives you access to a wider variety of prefilled cartomizer flavors from different brands. Portable charging cases are also available for purchase to protect your E cig while recharging anywhere you are. These charging cases are unique to the compatible brand’s catalogue, just like a cell phone case is unique to the make, model or brand of cell phone you own.

Choose the right e cig brand or model for you!

As a review site our aim goal is to earn your trust by providing accurate, up to date, in depth and honest information, buyers guides and blog posts. We will continue to grow our content as the e cigarette industry expands. More and more tobacco users are shying away from the harmful and deadly chemicals that come with tobacco smoking, don t get left behind, join the millions of smokers who are making the switch to the much more superior choice that is the Electronic cigarette.

Let us be your guide into this new, exciting world where smokers stop smoking and start vaping.

The smartest and best choices are made after you have weighted all your options and decided on the best course of action. The more detailed your options, the better your choices are. We provide every detail you need to make the best choice possible. Transparency is our main goal.

Iowa department of revenue – iowa taxes

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Click one of the following choices for the directory of Iowa approved Tobacco Products Manufacturers and their Cigarette Brands and Roll Your Own Tobacco Products.

Sorted by Brand

  • PDF
  • Excel

Sorted by Manufacturer

  • PDF
  • Excel

Recent Deletions and Additions appear at the top of the above files.

Each list includes the “brand families” that are allowed to be sold within Iowa. The term “brand family,” as defined in 453D.2(1) of the Iowa Code, means all styles sold under the same trademark and differentiated from one another by means of additional modifiers or descriptors, including but not limited to, menthol, lights, kings, full flavor, and 100s.

Change Notification Will Be Sent Via E Mail

Additions and deletions to the Directory will be sent only by a listserv service. If you have not already done so, sign up on the Iowa Department of Revenue Web site. Then choose to subscribe to the Cigarette and Tobacco (IDRFCigaretteTobacco) list.

Manufacturer Questions

If a tobacco product manufacturer wishes to be added to these product lists or has questions about the certification process or forms, please e mail Matt Gannon of the Iowa Attorney General’s Office or call (515) 281 4951.

Contraband Products

The Iowa Department of Justice issued the following notice dated July 9, 2003

This letter provides you notice that the State of Iowa has obtained injunctions against certain Tobacco Product Manufacturers prohibiting the sale of their tobacco products in Iowa.

This is notice for you not to stamp for sale in Iowa any cigarettes or roll your own tobacco products manufactured by GTC Industries, also known as Golden Tobacco Company, an Indian business entity, or Grand River Enterprises, Six Nations Ltd., a Canadian business entity.

To the best of our knowledge, the brands being manufactured by GTC Industries include, but may not be limited to, A One, Chancellor, Diamond, Diamonds, Double Diamond, Esquire, Flair, Miss Diamond, Panama, and Pavillion.

To the best of our knowledge, the brands being manufactured by Grand River Enterprises include, but may not be limited to, Cigs, Catalina, Scenic 101, Seneca, and Royal.

If you have questions or concerns about this notice, please contact

Matt Gannon
Assistant Attorney General
2nd Floor Hoover Building
1305 E. Walnut
Des Moines IA 50319
515/281 4951
515/281 6771 (fax)

Unlawful Transactions

It is unlawful for any person to stamp, sell, offer, or possess for sale a package or container of cigarettes of a tobacco product manufacturer or a brand family that is not published on the Directory. Those who violate this legislation may face criminal and civil penalties. The minimum civil penalty is $5,000 per violation or 500% of the retail value of the product sold, whichever is greater. In addition, persons who stamp, sell, or possess for sale in Iowa a brand not included on the Attorney General approved Directory lists may have their licenses suspended or revoked, and any product found in their possession will be deemed contraband and will be seized and destroyed. Finally, profits gained in violation of this legislation will be disgorged and paid to the State Treasurer.

Note Only brands that are part of the brand family listed for a manufacturer are certified. In some instances, not all brands from a manufacturer are on the list. Unless otherwise noted, “brand” includes portions of the brand family.

Little Cigars

Little cigars, as defined in Iowa Code 453A.42, may be sold in Iowa as long as the appropriate tax is paid under 453A.43. Little cigars are taxed at the same rate as cigarettes in Iowa. Little cigar packs must bear the same tax stamp as cigarettes packs. Little cigars are not included on the Directory and are thus not subject to the brand restrictions therein.

Fire Safe Cigarettes

Fire safe cigarette legislation Pursuant to Iowa Code chapter 101B, The Cigarette Fire Safety Standards Act, and Iowa Administrative Code 661 chapter 61 (101B), effective January 1, 2009, cigarettes shall not be sold or offered for sale to any person in Iowa unless the cigarettes have been tested in accordance with the test method prescribed in Iowa Code 101B.4., the cigarettes meet the performance standard specified in Iowa Code 101B.4, a written certification has been filed by the manufacturer with the Department, and the cigarettes have been marked in accordance with Iowa Code 101B.7.

For more information concerning fire safe cigarettes, please go to Iowa’s Reduced Ignition Propensity Cigarette Law

or contact

Iowa Department of Public Safety
215 East 7th Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50319


Participating Manufacturer Certification Form and Instructions


Non Participating Manufacturer Certification Form and Instructions


Non Participating Manufacturer Quarterly Compliance Worksheet


Non Participating Manufacturer Annual Compliance Worksheet


Non Participating Manufacturer’s (NPM) Appointment of Registered Agent for State of Iowa and Registered Agent’s Statement

MS Word

Brand Specific Report Filed by Licensed Distributors for Cigarette, Little Cigar, and Roll Your Own Product with Iowa Tax Paid for all Manufacturers Iowa form 70 020 PDF Iowa Cigarette and Tobacco Tax Applications and Forms

Legislation and Agreement

  • Iowa Code chapter 453A
  • Iowa Code chapter 453C
  • Iowa Code chapter 453D
  • Master Settlement Agreement (MSA)

Explanation and History

In 1998, the State of Iowa, 45 other states, the District of Columbia and five United States Territories entered into the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) to settle claims against the four largest tobacco manufacturers. Under the MSA, the manufacturers agreed to certain restrictions on their marketing and to make payments perpetually to offset the State’s costs arising from the health problems associated with the use of their tobacco products. In addition, the MSA effectively changed how tobacco companies that sell cigarettes and roll your own tobacco may do business in Iowa.

Tobacco manufacturers who wish to sell their product in Iowa are subject to two important pieces of legislation. The first imposes financial obligations on tobacco product manufacturers. Iowa Code 453C.2 requires that tobacco manufacturers either become a party to the MSA and generally comply with the terms and obligations under the MSA, or establish a qualified escrow account and pay into it in accordance with Iowa Code 453C.2(2) as a non participating manufacturer. NPMs not listed currently on the Directory will be required to make quarterly escrow payments. See Iowa Code 453D.5 Iowa Admin. Code 61 5.3(1). Current NPMs also may be subject to a quarterly payment requirement. See Iowa Admin. Code 61 5.3. A tobacco manufacturer that fails to comply with either of these two requirements yet continues to market its product in Iowa, whether through a distributor, retailer, or similar intermediary, is subject to litigation and civil penalties.

The second important piece of legislation is complementary to the first and enforces the financial obligations of tobacco manufacturers. Iowa Code chapter 453D mandates that all tobacco product manufacturers who wish to sell their product in Iowa be certified by the Iowa Attorney General for inclusion on the Iowa Directory of Certified Tobacco Product Manufacturers and Brands. For certification, the tobacco product manufacturer must either be a participating manufacturer under the MSA or in full compliance with Iowa Code chapter 453C. If any person possesses, sells, or offers for sale in Iowa the brand of a tobacco product manufacturer not included on the Iowa Directory, the product is contraband and criminal and/or civil penalties will apply.