If you are looking for the best best price e cigarette that really resembles the traditional marketing you are accustomed to seeing with tobacco, you have to try Bull Smoke Electronic Cigarettes. Their brand has carved out a reputation for making e cigs that really work and that really click with consumers looking for something very close to the ‘real thing’ only in a vapor device.

They offer a starter kit that ranks up there with the best of them for only $29, because they know you’ll like their brand and customer service so much that you’ll be back for cartridges and other accessories.

The Most Popular Brands Right Now&#8230

When I tried an estimated over 500 electronic cigarette brands and models of e cigarettes, and shared them with my peers, the most popular brands were V2 Cigs, Green Smoke and Vapor Zone .

V2 Cigs and Green Smoke sell more traditional products that look and feel like cigarettes so there really is no learning curve.

VaporZone’s line includes more of a high powered, off the wall, yet incredibly effective device that uses refillable vials of e liquid. It’s really a personal preference as to which device is for you, but in case you need more information I’ve provided more information below on each brand.

V2 Cigs

This brand has something for everyone for non advanced e cigs. A huge variety of battery lengths, colors, sizes, and specs. They have a huge roster of 0% (nicotine free) to 2.4% (full flavor, big throat hit) e cigarette cartridges, and a massive selection of accessories. Even in the competitive 2014 landscape, they remain the best brand of e cigs for sale, without a doubt in my mind.

Here’s Their Ultimate Starter Kit

They also reveal seasonal exotic flavors like Cinnamon, Grape, Pumpkin Spice, and many more. There is always something new in the development pipeline at V2.

  • Price 5 stars. They have the cheapest refill cartridge prices, which is where you’ll spend the bulk of your money.
  • Flavor 5 stars. Each flavor (I’ve tried them all) replicates what they were going for and is “spot on.”
  • Durability 5 stars. I’ve never had issues with V2 battery life or power. They are simply the best.
  • Style 5 stars. So many options to choose from, especially with the new EX batteries, which are a game changer.
  • Vapor Production 5 stars. read the V2 Cigs review, it explains how the vapor seems thicker than other e cigs, its just on another level.

I have yet to meet one person I’ve turned on to V2 Cigs that has decided to stop using it in favor of another brand. That’s a testament to how good they really work.

Check out their product line at their website

Here’s a video from the company

About Green Smoke

These guys are a very solid company, with excellent quality products, and are renowned for their great customer service.

They have excellent flavors, and their e cig batteries are of the longest lasting batteries out there. It is a unique product with their flavors, and they also have the thickest vapor of all the standard sized electronic cigarettes we have tested, and some of the longest lasting cartridges.

This is an excellent choice for anyone looking to possibly transition to e cigs from analogues to see if these are for you.

Here is the Green Smoke Ultimate Kit, which has everything you need

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Here’s a video from the company

About VaporZone

An advantage you get with Vapor Zone electronic cigarettes is the style of their products. The Air is an unusual, compact shape. A Rebel is beastly while the Jet is agile. Pro systems can be adapted to become Variable Voltage devices. All of these items possess a modern, minimalist, sophisticated style.

Quick Review

These guys have all the bases covered, with everything under the sun in the world of vaping, and all products are made by them, as many shops with this level of product sell products from other companies.

They also keep it simple with six starter kits Express (smokeless cigarette), Air, Jet, Pulse, Rebel, and Pro.

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Here’s The Pro Starter Kit

The Skinny on Batteries

Their batteries are mostly all upgraded eGo style, which is clearly the wave of the future of vaping.

For the Express, these are $19.99 each. You can order a standard or high capacity battery, the latter available as a manual or automatic device.

There are three possible Pro batteries a 650, 1000, and variable voltage 1000mAh power supply. This is not including 10 color choices for 1 and 2 (VV batteries come in black only). Prices are $24.99, $27.99, and $29.99 respectively.

Air Batteries, black only, are $24.99 and give you just 350mAh. Jet Batteries, again only in black, carry 650mAh, are 85mm long, capable of voltage variation, and have a digital screen. This shows battery percentage and puffs. It costs $39.99.

The Pulse is cheaper $29.99, but with more power (750mAh) but not possessing variable voltage. They come in black.

Rebel batteries are $14.99 or $17.99, but that is just for a big battery. The control tube costs extra.

Chargers are specific to particular batteries as well.

A Pulse battery fits with multiple cartridges in the Vapor Zone line. Use it with the Pro L, Pro XL, a Tank carto, Premium Carto, Platinum, Titan Dual Head, or the Clear.

Tanks, etc.

This is the crux of Vapor Zone’s products, and they have a few tank variations, just the right amount really. When you shop for tanks, clearos, and refillable cartomizers, you can choose your juice. When you do, Vapor Zone carries everything a creative vaper could dream of.

Official Site

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On another note, the parent company of V2 also owns Vapor Couture, which is a slimmer, more feminine e cig for the ladies. It has top of the line packaging and super high end accessories for that sophisticated woman who loves vapor cigarette smoking.

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The Best Electronic Cigarette Brands

Where You Can Buy E Cigarettes

V2 cigs review – the best brand of e cigs- v2 cigs

Buying cigarettes online

This V2 cigs review can shed few lights on various aspects of e cigs. Our V2 cigs review would tell you certain facts and figures that helped the brand to gain the top position in its niche market. Though e cigs is a relatively new concept but this V2 cigs review will let you know why this brand has gained such phenomenal success in the recent years.

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V2 Cigs Review The Modern Technology of V2 Cigs

First you need to understand the technology behind this amazing product which brings together best of available technology and convention. These e cigs resembles real cigarettes in many ways. They are designed to make the electronic cousins of cigarettes the best alternative that promises similar experience minus the ill effects.

V2 Cigs Review The Vapor Quality of V2 Cigs

Coming to every single aspect, in our V2 e cigs review, of the product let us begin with the vapor quality. These e cigs comes in different varieties, they have wide range of products that have been made by keeping in mind the needs of different vapers. For the beginners v2 cigs offer Notebook e cigs which are very similar to the Standard e cigs but they are relatively smaller and can be easily adjusted inside your laptop case. These also come with charging case that makes this product very handy and portable for most part. Notebook e cigs charger has multiple charging point, allowing charging of more than one e cigs at a time, possible.

The vape quality can be labeled as absolutely amazing in terms of flavor and quality. Throat hit is identical to real cigarette and the feeling of contentment is very there, without much doubt. The level of contentment is so high that users are fully satisfied and do not feel the craving for real cigarettes to a large extent.

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V2 Cigs Review Different Types of Kits from V2 Cigs

V2 Economy starter kit is designed for first time vapers who intend to get a great vaping experience at a reasonable price. Most first timer prefer these or the Notebook V2 before they begin vaping on a regular basis.

V2 Standard kit is has features like dual batteries, 1 standard A/c wall adaptor, one USB charger, and 10 e liquid cartridges.

V2 Ultimate kit promises to be extremely rewarding experience for those who prefer to indulge. V2 ultimate range of products comes in unique flavors to suit the temper of its diverse consumers. Host of flavors consists of, vanilla, coffee, cola, chocolate, peppermint and many more, that lingers in your breath for quite some time.

V2 Cigs Review Durable Batteries of V2

Durable batteries are again a great selling point and make this brand an incredibly irresistible. Powerful batteries come in different sizes with the short one called shorty coming close to real cigarettes in terms of size and dimension.

Hope this compact and precise V2 cigs review will help you understand the benefits of this particular brand and why you must go for this brand and not any other. Although, there are many e cigs brands available that have grown immensely in terms of sale and popularity but if you want a reliable brand that is going to stick around for a long time to come, then it definitely has to be the ultimate brand of e cigs, V2 e cigs.

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V2 Cigs Review Discount coupons

V2 cigs also offers coupon codes to its users. The major aim of these v2 coupons is to give you discounts on your purchase of v2 cig products. You can get a minimum of 10% to the maximum of 35% by using the discount coupons from V2.

Ultimately this V2 cigs review has reached its objective of letting people know more about this brand so that next time they plan to get a e cig they know which is the best one available in the market.

To sum up V2 is the well known electronic cigarette brand known for its superior quality and long lasting effects. V2 e cigs has managed to create a credible position in the market because of their high quality product at an affordable price. V2 electronic cigarettes are slowly and steadily replacing the traditional cigarettes, which has left the cigarette manufacturer in a sticky situation. Tobacco cigarette manufacturing companies are trying hard to keep up these innovative products that promise similar effect as the actual cigarettes minus the harmful effects. Since V2 electronic cigarettes are far safer than the original ones, they do little or harm at all to the smoker also known as vaper in this case. So, it can be expected that this v2 cigs review will help you to know that you are getting the best alternative to traditional cigarettes by switching to the best e cigs of the modern time v2 cigs.

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V2 Standard Kit Special Offer for Low and Moderate Smokers

If you are in need of a quality kit that give you all the essentials to have a wonderful vaping experience, V2 Standard kit has to be your choice. Although this kit is designed for moderate smokers to enjoy thick vapor from less than 20 tobacco cigarettes a day, it is quite suitable for the beginners who are looking for a quality kit. Apart from that, this kit tends to attract those e cig users who wish to try both a manual and automatic battery.

Inside the $54.49 Kit

V2 automatic rechargeable battery
V2 manual rechargeable battery
2 packs each with 5 flavor cartridges
Smart charger
Wall adapter

The Battery and Charger

In the Standard kit, both the manual and automatic batteries are available in three colors namely, Black, White, and Stainless Steel. Unlike the automatic battery that triggers the vaporization process through puffing, the manual battery starts the same when you push the small rubber button on it. Many vapers love to have a manual battery because of the greater level of control as well as accuracy rendered in terms of vapor thickness. Of the two, the automatic battery is easier to use and is more precise to mimic the traditional smoking process, while the manual one ensures thickest vapor as well as more control.

You can easily decide between the two as to which one is better for you, as you get to test both batteries through this kit. For adding a touch of customization, you can choose the length of both the batteries from three proprietary options Standard (79mm), Shorty (67mm), and Long (110mm). However, keep in mind that the long one will ensure extra long battery life as compared to the short one.

Both the batteries before their next recharging time last for a day to one week, the exact answer of which depends upon your puffing style. When the LED light at the end blinks for some seconds, it is the time to recharge with the Smart charger whose latest internal chip facilitates two benefits Recharging in only 1 2 hours and no overheating. Further, the standard batteries, whether manual or automatic, are highly durable to stay intact for around nine months with apt care.
The V2 Cartridge

The Standard cartridge is available in six different flavors as well as four nicotine strengths V2 Red (American Tobacco), Mint Tea, V2 Menthol, Grape, Congress, or Chocolate in the mix of 0, 6, 12, or 18mg. Because those 10 cartridges are sold as two different packs of 5, you get a chance to choose two different flavors featuring varying nicotine strength.

For beginners, it is advisable to start with a lower strength of 6mg and then proceed up to full strength to avoid very strong sensation. You may then choose this strength with tobacco or mint or menthol flavor for experiencing the same nicotine hit and sensation as in the case of tobacco smoking. For knowing the tastiest flavor, you can try the Sampler Pack that comes with all six flavors at once.

The e liquid in the V2 flavor cartridge is made up of water, flavor, nicotine, and FDA approved propylene glycol used in foods and medicines. This solution is tested in scientific labs for purity and quality, whose results are available onli
ne for you to check.

The cartridge also comprises of a disposable atomizer that eliminates the need to clean or maintain it. Each cartridge is equivalent to a single tobacco cigarette pack to ensure 150 220 puffs before getting disposed. It is suggested to store this cartridge in a cool and dry place so that the liquid remains fresh for the coming six months. However, it is time to throw it if you experience a burned taste or vapor of least density.
Simple Usage and Satisfactory Performance

Just screw the cartridge on the end of the automatic or manual battery and start puffing. Nothing can be as easier as this way to puff. If you desire for thicker vapor with stronger throat hit, it is advisable to puffs strongly as well as rapidly followed by taking a long puff. In short, you enjoy

  • Two piece design
  • Tested e liquid quality
  • Durable manual and automatic battery
  • Thick vapor and good throat hit
  • Lifetime guarantee

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State of the Art Equipment from V2 E Cigarettes

In order for you to be able to have the best vaping experience you need to have the most reliable equipment for your e cigarettes. You must have a lightweight e cigarette with a long lasting battery which will create the thickest vapor that you would ever want. The only way for you to be able to have a satisfying vape is to go for V2 e cigarettes.

Nothing could go wrong with their V2 starter kit. The price is very affordable and if it s time to refill your cartomizer you will find yourself very happy with the price. If you are new to using e cigarettes, you will be very glad to speak with a live person who will be able to assist you. When you call their customer service, it is a good and pleasant experience each time you get help from them. They are surely trained to resolve any concerns and issues a customer has and they truly know how to make a customer put down the phone with a big smile on her face.

If you are the type of person who does most of his transactions online since it is simpler and faster you will love to order their products from their website. The best part is that you do not have to wait for several days before you get what you ordered. V2 Cigarettes have the fastest shipping available.
To make things very convenient for you, their cigarettes are made of 2 parts only. No mess in doing your refills since they use the cartomizer technology. There s nothing more that you can ask for from V2. They have leveled up the vaping experience by giving the best equipment, the most reasonable price, a hassle free technology and a reliable customer service. With V2 you have the complete package that you need for vaping.

The Growing E cigarettes Industry

With a growing new interest in the safer, more affordable, and stylish industry of e cigarettes. It is easy to become lost amongst the many brands. While all of the brands more or less offer the same thing, they each contain acute qualities that further their popularity amongst users. From flavor options to vapor production, the intricacies of electronic cigarettes only add to a more pleasurable experience.

The first brand that you may find goes by the name of V2 Cigs. V2 Cigs has been described as the prominent cigarette brand amongst users by What makes V2 more attractive in sharp contrast to their competitors is their supreme quality, as well as their large selection of starter kits ranging from $24 to $179. Users claim that V2 brand electric cigarettes produce more vapors and have a longer battery life than anything on the market. The real selling point for V2 is their extremely large flavor selection. V2 holds more flavor options they any other electronic cigarette on the market today.

Ladies who find the V2 Cigs appealing may also be inclined to look at the Vapor Couture electric cigarettes. These fashionable and attractive electric cigarettes are the first of its kind marketed towards women. Produced by V2 Cigs, its no surprise that the product contains unsurpassed quality. The same increases in vapor and battery life found in the regular V2 Cigs have been incorporated into the Vapor Couture cigarettes. They are ideal for the aspiring woman.

In competition with V2 Cigs is the highly acclaimed brand Eversmoke. Similar in nearly every way, the classic style mini electronic cigarettes are praised by their users. Like the V2 Cigs Cigarettes, the Eversmoke brand lives to serve a noticeable increase in vapor output and battery life although they offer a much smaller flavor selection of around 10 flavors. The slightly more expensive starter kits start at $60 but the result is well worth it.

If money is no objective, perhaps one should upgrade to the electronic cigarette of the stars. Smokestik carries the reputation of stylish and fancy electronic Cigarettes. Characterized by their long, slender and sophisticated attributes, its no surprise that stars such as Katherine Heigl consume their vapors. While their battery life isn t up to par in comparison to the leading companies, users are sure to leave a mark wherever they may travel with such a device.

The final popular electronic cigarette that you may find goes by the name of South Beach Smoke. South Beach Smoke offer the similar mini e cigarette that Eversmoke offers but at a much cheaper price. The high quality start kit starts at $30! While they may have a miniscule selection of specialty flavors to choose from they offer just as many total flavor as Eversmoke and have a superior taste. This brand is easily a crowd favorite.
While a large variety of electronic cigarettes exist in today s market, its import to find the right one for you. Whether you re a normal day to day person or someone who enjoys the finer things in life, chances are there is an electric cigarette made just for you.

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