11 20 2009, 02 48 PM North Raleigh Guy 8,871 posts, read 16,749,333 times Reputation 7979 Looking for the cheapest cigarettes in North Raleigh

I hate asking this question but I have a relative coming into town this weekend who is a smoker.

When I lived in Virginia and they came to visit they always picked up a a carton of cigarrettes since they are so much cheaper than in NJ. Where is a good place to take them for cheap cigarettes in North Raleigh? I was thinking Walmart. Is there a place that is cheaper but close by?
11 20 2009, 03 25 PM sowk09 Location Raleigh, NC 1,312 posts, read 1,826,079 times Reputation 847 I’ve been told Sheetz, but don’t know how their prices compare to Walmart’s. 11 20 2009, 03 46 PM lamishra Location Cary, NC 7,036 posts, read 12,847,998 times Reputation 4215 When we smoked, we got our cartons at Food Lion. 11 20 2009, 08 37 PM NorasMom Status “Transplanted” (set 25 days ago) 2,660 posts, read 2,516,355 times Reputation 2475 CVS

(I need to go there tomorrow for my nicotine patch) 11 21 2009, 01 03 AM hemera 39 posts, read 76,631 times Reputation 19 i second CVS. That was the cheapest place for cigarettes.

I always thought it wasy kinda funny, a drugstore selling cigarettes. 11 21 2009, 06 13 AM SteelersGirl36 104 posts, read 291,759 times Reputation 56 CVS does usually have them on sale. They are also very cheap when MVP at Food Lion. I find they are MOST expensive at Wal Mart! 11 21 2009, 06 35 AM adlnc07 Location Oxxford Hunt, Cary NC 3,355 posts, read 5,521,965 times Reputation 2876 I was up in NY this past weekend and my brother & niece have taken to rolling their own cigarettes. The bag of tobacco they were using came from NC. Apparently that’s the way to really save money although quitting would be better! ) 11 21 2009, 08 07 AM zthatzmanz28 Status “United WE win, Divided WE lose” (set 14 days ago) Location Mid Town 7,113 posts, read 8,497,102 times Reputation 4762 Some smokers I know swear JRs has the cheapest price. And you can visit the Outlet Mall on your way home. 11 21 2009, 11 38 AM coltank 1,489 posts, read 3,422,625 times Reputation 489 Quote Originally Posted by zthatzmanz28 Some smokers I know swear JRs has the cheapest price. And you can visit the Outlet Mall on your way home. Yeah, I think JR’s is the cheapest, but not really near N Raleigh. Maybe they could make a day of going to the outlets? 11 21 2009, 07 09 PM FL little foot 735 posts, read 2,286,646 times Reputation 361 Walgreens has Marlboro brands on sale 2 packs for 7.35 Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick. Over $68,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum. Additional giveaways are planned.

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