R1 cigarettes are a cigarette brand that is among the best representatives of tobacco products. Moreover, these cigarettes minimize the harm to people who smoke.

During its decades of activity, the tobacco brand has always adhered to its principles and traditions. And the mentioned products are being improved and developed on a constant basis. Its motto is to always meet the needs of consumers.

For the creators of the brand, consumers are at the forefront; their preferences influenced the emergence of entire flavor lines. This is the great advantage of the brand; all views of people and their attitude towards smoking are important to it.

Amazing features of R1 cigarettes allow taking important positions in sales together with similar cigarette brands: Rich flavor is born thanks to the best varieties of tobacco, brought from the plantations of different continents. Tobacco from Brazil, Indonesia and Africa, which has been carefully grown and fertilized over a long period of time, is added to the blend. Thanks to all this process, these cigarettes are characterized as a benchmark of quality. Awards have become the proof of the brand’s success.

An interesting option was presented for lovers of strong cigarettes. Slim Line Rich Blue is designed for real gourmets. The tar content includes 4 mg/cig, nicotine – 0.4 mg/cig. The brand’s emblem is painted in bright cornflower blue. The color is so bright and pronounced that it does not attract many smokers. It is the color of freshness, but also joy.

What are R1 cigarettes?

The unique flavor is provided by the best first-grade tobaccos brought from plantations of different countries and continents. The blend includes tobacco from Brazil, Indonesia and Africa, which has been grown and fertilized abundantly over a long period of time. Therefore, these cigarettes are considered to be among the best and are called the benchmark of the highest quality. This is confirmed by a large number of awards. The highlight of this type of cigarette is its softness – light airy aromas introduce you to a world where the smoker’s most cherished dreams come true. Deep flavors and soft smoke combine to create a pleasant aura. This approach is designed for smokers who are concerned about their health.