Winston is one of the most famed and world popular cigarettes brands in the history of tobacco industry. The brand saw the world for the first time in the United States, being introduced in 1954 by RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, as the first filtered cigarette in the country. It received its name after North Carolina’s City of Winston Salem, where the brand was launched.

Winston cigarettes gained its outstanding reputation shortly after their launch, becoming the best selling cigarette brand in the United States in 1956 and holding this prestigious rank for more than six years, before ceding it to another iconic tobacco product, Marlboro. Under the 2005 global tobacco survey, Winston was ranked sixth in the list of top selling tobacco products in the U.S., and ninth in the list of best selling cigarettes across the world. It means millions of adult smokers prefer Winston cigarettes, and the popularity of these superb quality cigarettes is growing.

One of the main reasons of the tremendous success of Winston brand is the unique sort of tobacco, grown in Nicaragua and added to the tobacco formula of this brand. The manufacturers of Winston cigarettes keep the composition of its tobacco blend in big secret. Yet, Winston cigarettes offer such a unique smooth and inimitable taste and magnificent flavor that adult smokers fell in love with after first puff. In addition, the superior quality, which has always the integral part of all tobacco products produced by Reynolds American, so it needs no advertisement.

In also should be mentioned that one of the features of Winston cigarette brand is a slower time of burning that helps to extend smoking process turning it into a unique and delightful experience. It doesn’t matter what type of Winston cigs you prefer, you will always get an amazing product of premium quality, bracing flavor and rich taste.

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