Flavored American Kool cigarettes are esteemed for an honorable taste, which is felt actually in each puff. Tobacco, developed and handled by utilizing restrictive innovations, which just this producer uses, is recognized by its quality. The quality says already everything for everybody.

The authentic American Kool cigarettes are amazingly prominent in the United States, yet now customers of different markets have the chance to attempt this brand too.

Surprisingly, Kool cigarettes showed up in the US advertise in 1933. These were the very first cigarettes containing menthol. At first, they were delivered without a filtering system, and just in 1960 the arrival of Kool cigarettes with a filter in the King Size feature happened. In 1970, in the estimation for the female part, 100 mm cigarettes were created.

Kool cigarettes belonged to the category of the most recognized brands for a certain period of time.

In 2003, the brand of Kool cigarettes got into possession of RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, one of the gigantic tobacco companies throughout the world. RJ Reynolds represents famous brands of cigarettes containing menthol. All things considered, Kool cigarettes keep on being created in the US and their quality stays at a similar abnormal state.

Right now, the rights on Kool cigarettes have a place with the Imperial Tobacco Company. This organization was established in 2015 therefore of the merger of Reynolds American (the parent company of RJ Reynolds) and the Lorillard Tobacco Company.

Kool cigarettes are delivered in the typical and lightweight form. The configuration is spoken to by conventional King Size and 100 mm long cigarettes. Both are accessible in both hard and delicate bundling. Also, Kool cigarettes exist in such a fascinating assortment as the XL arrange. This is a similar King Size and 100 mm length, yet with a discernibly bigger distance across. In cigarettes of this brand, menthol is incorporated into the tobacco.

As of late, the outline of packs of cigarettes has changed commonly. Presently the solid Kool cigarettes are sold in green-shaded packs, lightweight – in blue-hued packs. The outline is basic, yet fascinating. The engraving Kool is generally executed with the letters “O” crossed with each other.

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