Due to the special features of IQOS HEETS, there is still not a large selection of consumables for these devices. The situation is different from vaping, for example. Therefore, every appearance of IQOS HEETs Australia wide in the market with a new flavor is a significant event to buy IQOS HEETS Australia wide online. The latest modifications are called Green Zing and Bronze Label.

Among the first HEETS flavors, a whole range was introduced to order HEETS Australia wide online: Amber Label with light wood and nut aromas; Yellow label with classic tobacco with spices; Turquoise-colored label with a soft tobacco blend with menthol; Purple Label contains flavors of menthol and wild berries. Almost immediately, it was assumed that the line would be expanded rapidly.

When did the new sticks come out? The release of new HEETS variants to buy IQOS online was linked to the release of IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 Multi. Initially, the new product was reported with 2 promotional videos on social media. Networks. The first announced a new flavor, but didn’t even provide detailed information on the amount. In the second, the names and design of the sticks were revealed. Even the company’s newsletter contained an offer to buy HEETS Australia wide online, with various flavors and the announcement of the sticks. A presentation took place right on November 7, 2018, and new articles appeared on the shelves on the same day.

Later the other sticks to buy IQOS online appeared, namely the HEETS Bronze Label and HEETS Green Zing. All the classic flavors were released immediately with the advent of the market, so something unusual was expected. In general, both options turned out to be special and were well received. It is noticeable that the manufacturer is experimenting with the taste. The new IQOS HEETS Sticks are quite soft and don’t have many additives that customers liked.

If you have any concerns, please do not forget to contact our staff for more detailed information on these IQOS HEETs sticks and how to order them from our online shop.