State Express 555 cigarettes are a British tobacco brand with a long history. According to legend, the brand’s founder, Albert Levy, was on the Empire State Express while traveling in the United States in the late 19th century. He gave the cigarette manufacturer the same name and registered it as a trademark three years later.

The “State Express” cigarette is named after a number (incidentally, the founder of the brand also trademarked three-digit combinations up to 999). Under each code are “hidden” products of different compositions. For example, “777” indicates Turkish tobacco and “555” indicates Virginia tobacco.

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What are 555 cigarettes?

The blends of 555 cigarettes are based on high-quality oriental tobaccos, with special additives that give them a long-lasting flavor and a light, non-pungent aftertaste. Experienced smokers often prefer these tobaccos because they appreciate the quality of imported tobacco blends. The blend is made from high quality oriental tobacco and special additives that give the tobacco a mild aftertaste and long-lasting flavor. The tobacco has a strong flavor and produces a dense white smoke on the exhale, which is characteristic of British tobacco. National Express 555 is sure to appeal to regular smokers who prefer high-quality imported tobacco with a reliable filter.