Maybe, these cigarettes are not too expensive and you say you buy cheap cigarettes. Maybe, some smokers say that these cigarettes do not have such amazing taste as the other brands do.
But there are some many amazing cases, which prove that the flavor of these cigarettes can be attractive and, therefore, they can be successfully distributed in the entire world. Let us check what they are famous for in the United States, Canada, European countries where consumers do not say they buy cheap cigarettes.

West Cigarettes are production of the company Reemtsma, a German tobacco producer, which is a part of the Imperial Tobacco Group family.
These cigarettes appeared in 1981 and during the first six years were only distributed in Germany. Since 1987 these cigarettes were marketed via vending machines, supermarkets and tobacco shops. This brand occupies the second place among the best-promoted cigarette brands in Germany.

Its prices are moderate but they are not the most significant factor why these cigarettes have high sales ranks. The success is explained with the amazing, powerful flavor, nice scent, mild taste.
And, as already mentioned, they are marketed against very reasonable prices and can be purchased by smokers with different incomes. The sales of these cigarettes get increased in nearly 100 countries. They are truly appreciated by tobacco smokers. Maybe, this is the reason why the manufacturer company Imperial Tobacco is so interested to promote this brand.
The sales volume has been growing since the 1990es and reached its top rates during the past decade. But it is not only the producer’s desire; it is the desire of consumers as well who quickly get used to regularly smoke these wonderful cigarettes. The number of consumers is constantly growing in the entire world.
The West brand is a supporter of racing events alike the McLaren formula one racing team.

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