Iqos heets Turquoise is refreshing menthol flavored tobacco with a simple, strong tobacco base and a bright, cool menthol flavor. This flavor has an invigorating freshness that helps add a change to your daily smoking habit.

Moreover, iqos heets Turquoise sticks for iqos Heating Systems are an elegant tobacco blend with a warm, nutty flavor and subtle citrus and fruit notes.

Iqos heets Turquoise sticks are the safest alternative to traditional cigarettes. Unlike traditional cigarettes, tobacco is heated rather than burned. The smoke produced during smoking has no unpleasant odor, has a pleasant taste, and leaves no marks on the hands or clothing.

Although they look similar to regular cigarettes, they differ in size and manufacturing technology. The filter used in stick tobacco is more complex and consists of three parts that act as a cooler, a purifier, and a mouthpiece. The foil casing is heated rather than burned, so it does not emit toxic substances or excessive chemical odors. Tobacco is soaked in a mixture of propylene glycol and food-grade glycerin to maintain humidity and produce vapor. Some types of tobacco have flavor capsules attached to the filter to make the flavors stronger and more vibrant. The wide range of flavor combinations with different nicotine concentrations allows both experienced smokers and beginners to find the flavor that is right for them.

Iqos heets Turquoise sticks are placed in an electronic device designed specifically for smoking. They cannot be burned or smoked like regular cigarettes.

Tobacco is a mixture of 70% tobacco and 30% glycerin. Food grade glycerin is used to seal and retain moisture in tobacco leaves. When heated, it releases water vapor, the excess of which is collected in a biopolymer. The glycerin used in heets is a common compound used as a food additive, creams or vaping liquids.

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