Young woman smoking cigaretteMenthol cigarettes are a smoking tendency of all smokers who can’t refuse cigarettes for quite a while, yet wish their breath to be “clean”. What’s more, when they find a brand for this, they realize what an amazing phenomenon Salem cigarette brand is. They are produced by the Reynolds Tobacco Company.

Created since 1956, this brand has no equivalents in the tobacco field. The mystery is basic. The producer never quit enhancing the nature of these cigarettes!

There’s nothing astonishing in the way that the Salem deal positions constantly break yearly records.

Indeed, even the trademark name is not intermittent. The brand got its name after the Winston-Salem city in the USA where tobacco leaves handling advancements were followed since quite a while. The producer needed to emphasize the keeping of conventional creation quality principles with it.

Each deep breath of a Salem cigarette gives a joy of tasting an invigorating menthol taste, unwinding and great disposition. It is a vital addition for the individuals who adore great smoking.

Preceding 2005, the Salem cigarettes differences included only two assortments: delicate cigarettes Green Label and intensive cigarettes Black Label. These days, clients can appreciate new created variations showed up meanwhile.

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