Lucky Strike cigarettes are loved by every smoker, even those just starting out and those just getting used to smoking. This brand means success at all times, and its history is interesting and full of many significant and exciting events: a completely burned down factory, a feminist movement and a weight loss product, patriotism, and much more – all about Lucky Strike!

Hollywood actresses advertised these cigarettes, thereby attracting many smokers with their beauty and ability to play on feelings. And at some point these cigarettes were especially popular among the female part of the population. And at that moment, this brand occupied 40% of the American tobacco market.

During this period, Lucky Strike cigarettes are associated with prosperity and wealth, as well as sports. The brand decided in 2009 to transform the classic red circle and replace it with blue for the light cigarette segment. And the result made itself felt, sales increased significantly. Critics also attributed this success to the series Mad Men, in which Lucky Strike is presented as a client of the advertising agency where the main character works.

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What are Lucky Strike cigarettes?

The history of the sought-after American tobacco brand began in 1871 with these cigarettes, which offered the deepest and most interesting taste. The appearance of these cigarettes is associated with a mysterious incident. There was a fire in a tobacco warehouse. The owners decided not to throw away the burnt tobacco and mixed it with a normal variety that was not damaged during the fire. As a result, a completely new taste was created. So the disaster turned into a fortunate coincidence. And to begin with, the brand was introduced to the public by R. Patterson in Richmond – Virginia. The brand was interesting both in the form of chewing tobacco and in the form of cigarettes. Very soon, these products began to occupy a significant position in the market, clearly competing with many well-known brands.