Amphora is a traditional cigarette and tobacco brand from Philip Morris GmbH. Do you prefer classic fine cut in full strength? Then the Amphora Red as a classic fine cut is the right choice for you to purchase Amphora Cigarettes online in Australia. It has rich flavors and leaves nothing to be desired, even for the most spoiled tobacco smoker. So that Smooth-Taste smokers don’t have to forego the classic aroma of a Amphora cigarette, our online shop also offers Amphora Blue as a classic fine-cut tobacco. Of course with all the necessary accessories, such as cigarette tubes and Co. For those who do not want to roll or stuff themselves, there are also the classic cigarettes from Amphora in different versions. These
include the Chesterfield Blue and Amphora Red, which are also available as cigarettes without additives. For friends of the menthol taste there is the variant Chesterfield Menthol to purchase Amphora Cigarettes online in Australia.

Famous for their quality and in great demand in Australia are Amphora cigarettes. This brand has a long history and has been published for over a century. At various times, the company was boughtout by large enterprises that wanted to become famous and get rich.

Since cigarettes were made using special technologies and were popular with people, the sale of such products quickly paid for itself and brought high profits. During the existence of the brand, Amphora cigarettes were produced in various versions, which differed in their packaging, taste and quality to currently let consumers order Amphora Cigarettes online in Australia.

In total, four main types were released, which we will discuss further. In general, the appearance of all packs of cigarettes was similar, they were decorated in the same style with a classic
signature on the front side. Their main difference was in the color scheme, by which it was possible to judge the strength of the cigarettes.

Amphora has its own characteristics that make it famous to purchase Amphora Cigarettes online in Australia. To compare different brands of cigarettes, it is worth assessing their main pros.