discount cigarettesIn general, everyone likes smoking. It is not a great secret. This allows to easily interact with other smokers, my work interruptions (so must like it happen to some rules) to arrange to, if necessary, relax after tensions, etc. Yes, and many often told me that it looks pretty sexy. And if you do not like someone who smoked, you then do not need to approach me.

Let us remember Japan where people have the greatest longevity while the total number of consumed cigarette quantities exceeds the rates in comparison to any other country.

Some smokers smoke for many years and have never thought to quit this habit. And that’s their choice. If someone likes chocolate, for example, it is exclusively a private matter. For someone, smoking is the same thing.

We smoke because we like it, not because it is just a habit. We like to watch a smoldering cigarette; we like the smell, which can be associated with anything. We do not just like smoking itself, we also like the whole smoking process, and this is a ritual for us. And all this calms nerves, helps us reach the state when interesting thoughts come eventually.

We began to dream of smoking since we were 3 years old …

We always imagined only smoking best cugarettes.

Some of us do smoke regularly … We are users … sometimes more, sometimes less.

Sometimes, we smoke our preferred “More menthol” … As for all other smoking products, we use them as a replacement…

We love when people smoke in a beautiful manner … Everything is a kind of aesthetic for us. We are not crazy, there is no dependence, and we feel very natural and free.

We like smoking itself as a process. We have no real nicotine addiction, we do not believe in it …

We also like when people (especially women) smoke beautifully, especially with a mouthpiece. Would anyone tell us what that is a kind of aesthetic? Anyone can agree that a woman with the cigarette in her hand is something very attractive, we are always ready to confirm it. This long life is hard, so we say that cigarettes can relieve and improve it.

We love smoking and like to see how people smoke because it is beautiful. I remember when we were little, out grandmother blew clouds of smoke, and we thought there were pieces of heaven. A cigarette is a pretty perfect thing. With it we have many friends. Summing up, smoking is a joy.

No, it is a gift of heaven for all those who want to improve their life.

We say it because we know it from our own experience.

discount cigarettes