Day after day, thousands of people give up smoking traditional cigarettes and switch to iqos and heets, which are specially suited to it. This practice is not given to most people with great difficulty and discomfort, but on the contrary, it gives joy and new sensations in smoking.

Iqos is a modern portable device; cigarettes – heets – are inserted into it. The line of hits consists of a huge number of tastes and aromas that meet the wishes of the most sophisticated adherents and gourmets. At the service of absolutely every person, the tobacco company Philip Morris International offers blends with different nuances and strengths.

In iqos heets, each user receives something individual, different, but always something that will support faith in this trend.

It is natural that the cigarettes, we are used to, are being replaced by sticks filled with the first-class tobacco.

Against the backdrop of bright and memorable blends, there still stands out one remarkable representative of the dynasty of tastes – iqos heets Bronze. Why is it so entertaining?! And this is the fact that the brown packet contains the aroma of cocoa. Cocoa lovers will appreciate this. Next, cocoa is complemented with dried fruits and this gives the taste a certain deep sweetness.

Frankly speaking, this option is suitable for those with a sweet tooth, but lovers of something new will not ignore this variation. It is impossible to compare it with anything, it is extraordinary in its kind, it is such a delicacy, in demand for centuries.

Iqos heets Bronze is not just another taste, it is a new step for you, as a smoker, to identify your priorities and visions, to deepen your knowledge in this area.

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