L Hotel Garden Vigan&ograve e un&#39 originaria struttura del fine &#39 700 completamente immersa nel secolare Parco Fola, a pochi km da Reggio Emilia.

Un&#39 oasi di 150.000 m&sup2 di verde, garantisce il massimo relax e un piacevole risveglio tra la natura. Immerso nel verde, l hotel gode di una posizione strategica e altamente suggestiva, adiacente all hotel anche la suggestiva Villa Tarabini.

Passeggiate all interno del parco o escursioni in bicicletta vi permetteranno di assaporare tutta la quiete e la spettacolarita del paesaggio a stretto contatto con la natura e con il panorama suggestivo delle Colline Reggiane.

Ideale per trascorrere un soggiorno romantico e all insegna del relax l hotel Garden Vigan&ograve sara la cornice perfetta delle vostre vacanze.

L&#39 albergo dispone, inoltre, di un ampio parcheggio riservato e di una sala convegni.
Ogni camera dispone di bagno, telefono, TV, frigobar e aria condizionata, il tutto piacevolmente accompagnato da colori e arredamenti caldi e intimi.

Imperial tobacco says interim profits tumble

E-cigarettes on planes: legal grey area left up to carriers calgary cbc news

Britain’s Imperial Tobacco, the maker of Lambert & Butler and Gauloises cigarettes, posted tumbling half year profits on Wednesday, hit partly by tighter regulation and rising taxation in Russia.

Profit after tax slumped 39 percent to 377 million ($640 million, 459 million euros) in the six months to the end of March, compared with the equivalent previous figure, Imperial said in a results statement.

Revenues fell five percent to 12.717 billion in the reporting period, while total volumes slid eight percent to 140 billion cigarettes.

“Market weakness continued in Russia following regulatory and excise (tax) changes,” the company added in the statement.

Russia has banned tobacco advertising and banned people from smoking in most public places while gradually raising taxes more closely in line with European prices, in order to crack down on smoking and boost sagging federal budget revenues.

Imperial added that it was also hit by a stock optimisation programme, under which the group is slashing inventories. The policy seeks to improve the group’s performance and cut costs in the long term, but weighs on profits and revenues in the short term.

“We continue to drive our strategy to build the quality and sustainability of the business,” said chief executive Alison Cooper.

“Our stock optimisation programme has inevitably impacted some of our numbers but I’m pleased with our underlying performance.”

She added that lower costs would enable the group to invest more in its so called growth brands, which comprise its best known tobacco products like Davidoff, Gauloises and West cigarettes.

“Actively managing our cost base is releasing funds to invest in these brands and their development is being further supported by the stock optimisation programme,” Cooper said.

Wednesday’s results were published one month after the company announced the closure of factories in Britain and France with the loss of 900 jobs, citing declining sales in Europe, tougher anti smoking measures and the growth of contraband sales.

The two factories concerned are at Carquefou, near Nantes in western France, where 327 people are employed, and Nottingham in central England, which has 540 staff.

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